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This volume analyzes the many aspects of the business model, in relation to two other fundamental elements of corporate life: the identification of the business strategy and the definition of economic-financial objectives. In the first part, the author defines the concept of corporate strategy and describes how the approach, the methods and the timing with which companies define their strategic choices are all evolving. Additionally, the author highlights the role of the business model as a connecting element between corporate strategy and its implementation. This part concludes with the presentation of a new and original approach to the analysis of the business model. Subsequently, the author examines the reasons behind the need to change the business model, possible approaches and supporting methodologies, as well as a key to understanding the role of technology in the transformation of the business model, with an indepth look at the possible implications of digital disruption on the world of work. The second part of the text closes with an examination of some successful business cases. Finally, the author focuses on the importance of defining and measuring company objectives, in line with the strategy and the business model. From this point of view, the key element driving these processes is the business plan which, within the planning and control cycle, represents an essential tool for a methodical and continuous definition and verification of company objectives and for their translation into economic, patrimonial and financial values.


DATA: 2019

AUTORE: Donato Iacovone

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